sponsoring children's health and education, building new homes for destitute families


Child sponsorship in Romania costs £8 per month. This sponsorship provides:

  • School uniform and sports kit,
  • School equipment,
  • Dental and medical care,
  • medical note to be able to attend camp,
  • Birthday gift (many have never had a birthday gift).

Sponsorship Plus allows you to overpay an extra monthly amount and this money will be used for additional support, perhaps unusual medical needs or as a buffer when currency fluctuations go against us. It really helps!

Sponsor a child in Romania now!

Alternative Gifts

Fancy supporting a family with additional food parcels? Concerned about the night-time chill and want to give some firewood? Or want to contribute to the next home been built by buying some bricks or some nails? Our gift store provides numerous opportunities to buy small or large items for the projects that make a real difference. You can buy them in your own name or on behalf of someone else – alternative gifts.


Volunteer teams from Grassroots visit Romania every year, usually in September. One part of the team interviews the children already sponsored and enrol more onto the scheme whilst the rest of the team helps build one or sometimes two simple brick homes for a destitute family. It is an awesome experience that has changed the worldview of many. We take people of any age, 18 to 80, and even some younger where they have someone to supervise travelling with them.

You can find out more here. If you are interested, please drop us a line and we can tell you more.

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