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Our ‘Child Sponsorship’ scheme
supports over 0,000 children each year



Why go on a trip?

Grassroots Mission Trips are essential to the operation of the projects. Team members on our trips do many of the things that we would need to pay employees to do if the trips did not happen.

We go out to India, Kenya, Romania and Tanzania every year to interview sponsored children, check things are being organised with integrity and meet with our amazing partners and friends!

“So many of us have realised the difficulties people face and how much more simple their lives are, even though they are so happy with what they have….we’ve seen that a little really does go a long way.”

“What an amazing time; it’s everything we expected and more”

“What an honour and privilege it is to be sharing God’s love in this way with them…just a touch or a smile says so much.”

“I found the people more welcoming and receptive of our being here than expected, especially the children who have shown an immense amount of trust in wanting to hold our hands.”

More info…

For more information on mission trips (link to Mission Trips page).

Every year Grassroots builds 2 or 3 homes for
families or others in desperate need in Romania

How we use the money

Not sure what to put put on this one… – 100% money goes to the child

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Our international projects are led, where possible, by local people supported by our UK based team.

Hugo & Sharon Anson – are Directors of Grassroots and administer many of our projects from their home. They also continue to serve local congregations and Christian organisations with Bible teaching and training/advice.

Andy Myall – is responsible for keeping Grassroots’ finances in order.He also responds to a lot of orders from our online shop.

Our Trustees – Karen Hedges, Robert Sweatman, Rob Anderson, Stuart Boreham, Sam Corley, Pippa Ford, Mark Price and Jamie Walker.

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Speaking and Church Visits

We would be delighted to come and speak to your church, school or organisation. Just get in touch. Subjects we cover could include poverty, aid, consumerism, sustainability, school linking and many other subjects related to the work of the Trust- do ask!

Grassroots team members are able to preach, take lessons and assemblies, lead discussion groups and even create Easter craft lessons, amongst other things.

We do not charge, but it would be lovely if any expenses were to be covered.


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