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Chennai, India

Chennai, India


To sponsor a child in Chennai, India costs £8 per month. The children attend a club before and after school where they receive:
- an evening meal each day,
- after school club and help with homework,
- school books and stationery,
- a bag, and shoes
- medical help.

Alternative Gifts

Life-changing alternative gifts are also available. These include items such as food parcels. a bicycle and bedding. They are not expensive and make a world of difference to the families and individuals to whom they are given. Alternative Gifts for Chennai are available from our shop.


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Teams of supporters fly out to Chennai every January to interview the children and enrol new ones onto the scheme, and to support the project in a hands on manner.

The forms you need in order to apply to go on mission trips (click here for download page) are being updated at the moment as a result of a number of changes in the law. Please drop us a line and we will send you the new forms you need.

To download forms you will need to log in to the website. This is free and easy to do on this page: grassroots.org.uk/user/login

For dates of the next trip with spaces and more information of what you need to do go here: grassroots.org.uk/mission-trips



Since 2009 Grassroots have partnered with Kevin and Debra Kamalraj and their team at Sovereign King Ministries (SKM). They work at the heart of one of the riverside slums in Chennai, India occupied by Dalit people. SKM run a children's club 365 days a year to provide a safe space for the children to play and do their homework. Some children attend both before and after school.

Because of this provision, parents are able to work a little longer and earn a little extra to pay for food, medicine and other essentials. The slum is unpleasant and unhygienic. Alcoholism, disease and abuse are rife. The project is a beacon in this dark place, offering the next generation not only a refuge but a chance to get the best from their education.